Dance party in the rain... on FILM!

Back in October I went to a party in the woods out by Mt. Baker. This was during one of the worst windstorms in the Pacific North West since the Columbus Day Storm of 1962. Regardless of the forecast, upwards of 40 people came out to dance in the mud underneath a system of tarps put up by the BDP crew. All of these shots were taken on a film camera with an external flash, no editing, straight off the roll! If you were there and see yourself in these photos, feel free to drag and drop them to your desktop if you want them for Facebook.

Matt & Stephany Engagment

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to take the wonderful Matt and Stephany's engagement photos. Matt's family was on a trip up at Crystal Mountain and they decided to take some time to play in the snow and celebrate! 

Summer Time!

I'm very excited to be in Bellingham this summer! If you need portraiture taken or have awesome adventures planned let me know! I would love to take your photos.

Courtesy of: SnapKnot

Winter Challenge 2014

So I was "nominated" for the winter challenge phenomena that's been going around facebook with a couple of friends last night. We all made our way out to Lake Padden up in Bellingham, stripped down and took the plunge! Here are some of the photos. Thanks to Will Moore for snapping the two shots of us lining up and jumping in. 



BEWARE: Sexy man butts are pictured below. Content is not for the faint of heart!


New Website!

I'm excited to say that I've updated my website to include more recent work and incorporate my blog! Updates on my most recent adventures will be able to be seen here so be sure to check in frequently. Take a look around and thanks for looking!